The World Peace Envisioned by Shri. Vethathiri Maharishi has started taking deep roots and gets magnifying-refractions with these tender souls blooming to spread the philosophical message of our Guru throughout the world.

Vethathiriya saplings is a noble attempt to nourish the budding kids who are associated with our system and setting benchmark for a spiritually transformative life for the world. These children as they consciously grow in the fertile lands of Vethathirium, will prove to breed branches of peace and spread across the world, the flowers of harmony, with the diffusion of their spiritual fragrance Humanity will breathe in the atmosphere of Oneness. Joining hands together to nurture and treasure our little saplings, we are marching towards a greener reality for our peaceful existence.

The ill effects of Technology outweigh its benefits. Good, Bad and Ugly is available at finger tips. Internet an ocean of knowledge has precious corals, vast exotic information and the Devil within it. Today’s children are faced with severe competition, not only at an academic level but also among their peers, friends and relatives. At times Parental pressure is at the peak too. Their challenges are different and vary from what their parents or grandparents would have experienced. Words like Stress, Tension and Depression are common in their vocabulary and life. Vethathirium helps them to combat the bumps of life with confidence and resilience and to lead a focused, confident and Meaningful LIFE.

As Swamiji Says—The Gene of the Parents is imprinted in the Child. While you are reading the Sapling stories, this will become ardently evident and a true testament. The thought waves of the parent, create an impact and a powerful vibration for the child and impacts. Swamiji’s teachings emphasized on constant awareness of Thoughts, Action and Words at all times. Once this secret is unfolded and understood by parents and couples, their progeny will be a gift to Society and the Universe. We learn more from these Children who have imbibed Swamiji’s concepts and teachings in full, for them Guru is a friend, father, mother and God , also a magician.

Read on to the soul-stirring real incidents and draw boundless inspiration.

Ramanan S/o SKY Master Jayanthi and SKY APT. Sundarrajan 
While we were living in Janakpuri, Delhi, India, my son was 3 years old. I usually insist about Guru bhakthi (reverence and devotion to Guru) to many of my friends, as according to me that is the only way left for mukthi (liberation). Once when I was taking my son to a park, he suddenly raised a question. “Pappa, what happens if a human die?” Momentarily surprised to hear the intriguing question from him I asked, “what do you mean?” He firmly repeated, “pappa what happens if we die?” I answered, “we won’t die now He insisted, “No, what happens if we both die now while we walk?” Realising that something he wants to communicate, I curiously asked him to answer his question. Unhesitatingly he replied, “Pappa if we die now, Guru will take us with Him!” Hearing his words tears rolled down and I remained silent for next 30min. Be blessed by Divine. 

Gurucharanaambuja Nirbharabhaktah
Samsaaraadachiraadbhava Muktah
Drakshyasi Nijahridayastham Devam - Poem by Adi Shankara.
Heights of wisdom shining through the 3 years old child shows the impact of Swamiji’s philosophy and the way it divinely touches individual lives. Such a reverence nourishes our soul and exhibits our Guru’s unbounded compassion.


Kaviya, 4 yrs daughter of SKY Master. Sathya & SKY PT. Parmeshwaran 

Conversation between me and my younger daughter when she was 3.5 years... 

Kavya: அப்பா... வயிறு வலிக்குது... (Daddy, my stomach is hurting) 

Me: Ok... Very good.. 

Kavya: அப்பாஆ... வயிறு வலிக்குது... (with a prominent tone, Daddy, my stomach is hurting, its aching) 

Me: Ok... Very good.. 

Kavya: Very good சொல்லக் கூடாது... (No, you shouldn’t say very good) 

Me: What? 

Kavya: வாழ்க வளமுடன் சொல்லணும் (with a smiling face she told, “you should say Vazhga Valamudan”) 

Me: Yes, I realise, Vazhga Valamudan. Swamiji’s powerful Mantra—Vazhga Valamudan (Be blessed by the Divine) is this girls healer and doctor. Pain is never pain when a person turns to be a source of healing. A little child reflecting the potent words that brings spiritual prosperity, is indeed a shimmering of the consistent practice of to be followed to redirect our life in the path shown by our Guru.


Divyadarshini R (11 years), Nivethitha R (7 years) Daughter of SKY APT Preeti and SKY Master Ramesh 

My kids believe that positive thoughts will bring good and happy life. They will say Arul Kappu (Divine Protection) and Sangalpam (Autosuggestion) before starting anything. Last year we went for Elephant ride. Individual Elephants were allotted for each and every family. Before us, our relative family was about to start the ride. Suddenly the mother of that family said, “anything may happen in the ride”. Immediately my kids told her, think positive then everything will go fine. Then both of our rides started simultaneously. According to our relative’s thought, their Elephant was not in good mood and took a long time to finish the round.

 But our Elephant was co-operating as we had a great view of the surrounding nature and enjoyed the journey well. Understanding the power of thoughts at an early stage in life will mold the individual’s mind with positivity. Swamiji says that thoughts are the sculptors of our life and these young children live by the words of our Beloved Guru.

Young Champions of Vethathirium Shadhana Daughter of SKY Masters. Nithya and Chand

This Young Champion is living in California Freemont. She is a teacher at the young age of 14. Tune in to know the young inspirer who talks about the enormous benefits of our practices and the way it has practically benefited her in optimally balancing her life.

 Her inspirational talk is sure to give sparks of motivation to all budding spiritual aspirants. The foundation in Sky yoga proving to give immense clarity to deeper concepts of truth, and a young aspirant talking about subtle subjects like purification of soul and the like, will anchor our faith on the spiritual grounds of Universal Harmony. 


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