Let us think about the three developments of consciousness. All these facts of life explained above cannot be understood by innocence and ignorance. Innocence means undeveloped state of knowledge. The children cannot understand and follow the virtues. Similarly those who are not developed mentally, cannot understand the law of nature and the value of virtues. They also have to live. Whatever they do, that also will affect the society. Therefore, in the development of consciousness, three stages are prescribed by Vethathiri Maharishi

1. Faith, 

2. Understanding and 

3. Actualization or perfection.

First one is Faith. Until man comes to an age when he can understand the principles of life the elders and men of wisdom and lead the life under their supervision, guidance and instruction. Then only will they get and develop good habits in life. By following this method a bright future is assured. 

When he comes to the age of understanding, when he understands what is what, what is nature, what is the value of virtues, then that will be conformitive with habits. For successful and peaceful life the habit and wisdom should go together. If habit remains in conflict with wisdom, then the life will be miserable. Most of the people in our society are struggling with the gap between habit and wisdom. Therefore, in the beginning of life, the habits should be regulated. Only good habits should be developed. Only under guidance of elders that can be made. Therefore, the children and mentally undeveloped people should have faith in the elders (father, mother, Guru and other guides) This is faith.

Then, the next stage is understanding. When he comes to the age of understanding, one will read books, hear the lectures and other concepts of wise man, and also he himself can understand the consequences of actions, enjoyments and everything. In this stage man is able to find out if there is any missing or gap between habit and wisdom and fill it up.

So in that period when his habits and wisdom come together, come in conformity with one another, he will get a contentment over his deeds and lead a happy life. Otherwise, man cannot get the wisdom and good habit. If the habits are not good, the happiness of life will be lost. If there is no wisdom in proper age, the good habits will be lost. When wisdom is developed and the habit is bad what will be mental condition? That condition is described as ambivalency. In such a life, when man is struggling between two things, when they cannot be brought together in conformity with one another, such a mental struggle is called ambivalency. When a man is struggling in between habit and wisdom, he cannot develop the consciousness to the fullest. He cannot get peace and happiness. Therefore, in the earlier age, the faith, which is the first stage in the development of consciousness, is a must for man. Then in the second stage he comes to the understanding of the true meaning of rituals. What is the meaning of this and that deed? Why do I have to do that? Why our mother and father told us to do such and such thing? This is the period of understanding which is the second stage in the development of consciousness.

The third is Actualization. All the understanding should be put into practical experiences. One had to develop his knowledge to the fullness to make the life purposeful. Above the material consciousness there are two more dimensions. One is character and other is ultimate being or origin of phenomenon with which one gets contact. Understanding the character is the spiritual aspect. Understanding the basic state, primordial state, cause of causes is the Truth. From material consciousness; first transcendental stage is spiritual. From spiritual, transcending the consciousness to the totality is Actualization.

That is realization of Truth. This is the perfect and final state of consciousness. All men have been born with the noble purpose to develop the consciousness to the highest stage needs more of this spiritual teachings. Now our effort is very small in this noble aim. Only we are sowing the seed. How to go to the goal or point of revelation.

The beginning of Kundalini Yoga helps to merge our mind into the life force. You become subtler and subtler in the mental frequency. You are able to understand more things, more secrets of the universe than before. Because you are having so many problems and duties in the family, you cannot contemplate fully, but up to the time, up to your effort, you are getting a result everyday. Whether you know or not your personality is developing towards the higher consciousness. You will gradually understand your own development.

If this method of Kundalini yoga spreads in the life of mankind the whole world will have a better life with peace and happiness. When most of the people, most of the prominent people in the society, most of the leaders of the society understand the value of life, then they will chalk out the plan for the whole of humanity to live harmoniously and peacefully.

If this country started developing spiritual awareness and spiritual knowledge, the whole world will easily and quickly get the result. For such aim and objective, we all now are joining and sowing the seeds. Then we may enjoy the pride and also happiness in thinking of these spiritual values.


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