“The search was frantic, and all efforts were in vain. He searched everywhere but was unable to find the Pen. Every nook and corner was explored by the young man; it was getting late to office, he left home. However, after reaching his office, his mind was calm, and he recollected the fact that he had kept the pen on top of the wardrobe.

Now how did this happen – The Young man’s frequency in office matched the frequency with which he kept the Pen. In the same frequency his brain recollected the place instantly. Earlier, when he was at home and was getting late for the office, the tension had raised his mental frequency and so could not recollect it. The frequencies did not match.

Swamiji says the above as a classic example to explain students, how the understanding of mental frequency helps in sharpening their recollective capacity. 

The silence spreading through an examination hall brings the most nervous noise in a student’s mind. However prepared, every student goes through a wave of tension while appearing for examinations, the simple reason being the mental frequency of the student is not aligned to the calmer state with which he/she read the subjects. Temporary over-eager attitude, needless frustration, agitation and mental strain are experienced by both the student and their parents.

Examination is a channel to sharpen the mental faculties of a child and one of the ways to broaden the intellectualizing capacity of young minds. But the current scenario gives a sense of burden, fear, competition and stress to face the few hours of exams. Children encounter concentration issues because of the nervousness in facing the question papers, thinking of the probable questions, fear of the unlearnt chapters, etc because of which their confidence in confronting the exams drops down.

Often, students think that they are concentrating in studies, but their concentration is diluted with anxiety for success, peer pressure, societal competitiveness and unnecessary fear, which disturbs their sleep cycle and metabolism. Swamiji says that human mind goes through the process of Receptivity, Retention and Recollection while cognising anything in the external world. Unless the mind is in a receptive state while observing and analysing the surrounding, the next 2 stages of retention and recollection is not possible.

Students, while preparing for the exams should have a peaceful state of mind to understand what the subject is trying to teach them. When their young minds are receptive, they can gather the facts of the subjects without strain and can reproduce what they have learnt with great accuracy and creativity.

Maharishi while talking about parenting mentions, parents wish to fulfil their dreams and desires through their children. Though this is a natural need of every parent, utmost care should be taken to bring out the potential of the Soul-Child. Frictions between Parents and Children, especially during their teenage years start from this juncture. The role of parents in training the children for exams is a highly responsible one. Parents should identify the potential hindrances for their children’s concentration and should create a peace-filled environment and ensure the children get nutritious diet and adequate sleep. When students experience tension while reading a difficult subject, parents should have a positive approach assuring the confidence level of their children.

The personal efforts made by the students play an imperative role to be victorious in examination. Practise of deep breathing, maintaining a calm state of mind and doing Agna meditation for 10 minutes before starting to read the subjects will sharpen the power of receptivity, deepens the retention level and accelerates the recollective capacity of the students.

It is natural for all the students to go through nervousness and anxiety while writing the Exams. As a student of the University of Vethathirium, firstly they should insulate themselves from the emotions running through others in the Examination Hall, and be unperturbed. This can be easily achieved by following the Simple Method of Auto suggestion and Divine Protection, suggested our beloved Guru.

1.) Quieten your mind – Take Slow, Deep breaths (at least 5) 

2.) Protection – Visualise the Divine Protection surrounding you. (Divine Power may protect me, guide me and lead me in all my activities, Day and Night, in all places and at all times. Let me write the exams in a calm state, which will enable me to recollect all that I have read, with the Grace of Great Souls)

Only when the mind is calm and attentive while grasping the subjects, will the students be able to recollect the lessons and excel in exams by expressing their learning capacity in a constructive way without fear and tension. Education is a phase of life which mends our personality to befit the needs of the society. What value is of learning science if it doesn’t teach the science of living, what worth is of learning history if it doesn’t teach children to make history?

Maharishi says, “Children are the seeds to build the future world with wiser hands on the foundation of noble thoughts. A nation which educates the youth in LIFE SCIENCE at proper age, instilling duty consciousness and equipping to lead a righteous life will flourish in all fields”. Dear citizens of peaceful future, face your examinations with the charm of expressing yourself, without the fear of future and let your freedom in expression build the strongest foundation to live an exceptional life of exploration.


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