Can Destiny be changed?

Is it possible for man to alter his Destiny? This is the question that we have asked ourselves repeatedly. How easy it would be to if we can change our destiny the way we want it? So can we do it?

Yes, man can certainly change his Destiny, The effort of man has its own force. Whatever the destiny or imprint which is yet to be exposed, it has come only by his own action. Therefore as the imprint was created only by man’s action, why should he not remove it by the same method of superimposition? When you meet some person and they cause any trouble to us, the imprints in me and in him brought both of us together by the Law of Nature and both released the imprints into experience in the form of action and my suffering. If I were to hate him for his actions. I would only be spoiling my mind and increasing the bad imprints in me, as well as in the other person. By blessing him I am purified and the other man is also benefited by my action. Actually he could have been my friend but for my karma which caused him to act in the manner he did. It is the imprint and reflection.

The Law of Nature works thus in a wondrous way, never failing and never missing a step. Therefore we should always think and act with care. We should exercise a close watch over every thought and deed of ours lest our Karma should pile up and drag us down. If we believe in the Cause-and-Effect system we must believe in Karma theory too.

Whatever you do, imprints are made and such imprints give proper results in proper time. Unless we understand and work for their removal, they will definitely reflect in one way or another.

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