Kundalini Meditation for Beginners - Trial Copy
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Kundalini Meditation for Beginners - Trial Class

Language: Tamil

Instructors: Global Trainers/Professionals

Validity Period: 30 days

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 Post Corona there is a global transformation, the focus on physical and mental fitness was cognized, the World slowed down and realized the importance of Self-care, family care and relationships. SKY Yoga revolutionary science translated into a daily practice of holistic living, unifying the Mind, Body & Life force.

Kundalini Meditation for Beginners

Vethathiri Maharishi stresses that the practice of Kundalini Yoga is essential for all, and only a simplified process can bring it within the reach of everyone. The process of raising the Kundalini power of an aspirant may be compared to the way iron filings are drawn, with the help of a magnet.

Here, the process of meditation consists of focusing the mind on its source, which is the Life Force (Pran Shakthi) and merging with it. In due course, the mind is taken to subtler levels of focusing at different Life energy Centres within the body and still later on the Universal Energy and beyond to merge with Total Consciousness

Infinite benefits if Meditation

kundalini meditations
kundalini meditations
kundalini meditations
kundalini meditations

Harmony in relationships

Attract success & abundance


Yoga for All Ailments

 12 classes @ INR 2000

  • 12 unique – 90 minutes zoom session
  • Live discussions with Senior Kundalini & Yoga Trainers
  • Free access to SKY Yoga app
  • Free Kundalini Mediation
  • Customizable class schedule with 2 slots
  • Touch Initiation of raising the Kundalini @ SKY Centre included
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