Jothi Siddha Clinic

Jothi Siddha Clinic, was established by Vethathiri Maharishi in the Year 2004 in the Temple of Consciousness situated in Aliyar, Pollachi, TamilNadu, India.

In the August of presence of the founder Shri Vethathiri Maharishi and Padmashri S.K.M. Maeilanandhan, President, this clinic took its first step in healing the needy through the rich knowledge handed over by our ancient sages. People from all over the world and from various economic strata visit the clinic for treatment of various ailments.

Around 8000 people benefit every year from this rich indigenous medicinal system. Special therapies like Varmam, Yogam and Nasiyam are administered as internal treatment for some special cases like chronic lung diseases, nerve problems, cancer, kidney ailments etc. The treatments offered are available for all age groups and for all kinds of acute & chronic conditions.

Varmam: An art of healing where requisite pressure points are given to ease the blocked energy, heat and blood. Varmam treatment is very effective for spinal cord problems, insomnia, frozen shoulder, hemiplegia, joint problems etc.

Nasiyam: (Nasal Drops) Herbal drops treatment to the nostril is called Nasiyam. Nasiyam is found very effective in curing head related problems like sinus, nasal block etc., and provides instant relief.

Simplified Kundalini Yoga: The practices of Kundalini Yoga along with the Siddha medicine accelerate the process of healing. Working from within for energizing the Life-Force thereby increasing physical and mental fitness and health is achieved through the simple yet powerful SKY practices. Anicient sages (Siddhars) have practiced several yogic techniques and postures for developing and maintaining the immunity of the body and elevating the soul. The yogic techniques and postures were modified and Simplified by Yogiraj Shri Vethathiri Maharishi who was considered to be the 19th Siddha of Dravidian culture. This system is called as “Manavalakalai Yoga” or Simplified Kundalini Yoga, 

which includes:-  

  • Simplified Physical Exercises
  • Kayakalpa Yoga
  • Meditation
  • Introspection

What We Need From You!

The type of personal information collected may include:

  • Personal details (name, address, date of birth, Medicare number)
  • Medical history
  • Notes made during the course of a medical consultation
  • Test results and reports received from other health service providers; and,
  • Cards information for billing purposes.

Above information shall be collected to properly assess, diagnose, treat any ailment and be proactive in your health care needs and shall be held securely. We will only use or disclose your personal information for purposes directly related to providing you with quality health care, or in ways which you would reasonably expect us to use it in order to provide you with this service.