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Vethathiri Maharishi

“For Truth -Seekers, blessing is a wonderful technique for harmonising thoughts. At the time of blessings, the vibrating wave permeates the cells, the very core of one’s being, and it spreads out enveloping all the individuals in the vicinity, whether related to the thoughts or not”

The significant project of the SKY Research Centre

Project Grant by Give2Asia

Benefits of Positive Thoughts – Effect of Thought transaction on ‘Okra’ yield (Crop Plants)

Vethathiri Maharishi has given us in detail the scientific, logical, practical usages and benefits of Positive Thought patterns.

Wave theory, is a scientific concept about the impact of thoughts, words and actions, through five stages of clash, reflection, refraction, penetration and interaction. This is explained in depth in Project Okra, a project on Okra Agri Plants which has successfully proven the interlink between Positive Waves and Improved Yield.

Outcome of the Project:

  1. Okra plants (Abelmoschus esculents L) respond positively to thought transaction (Blessings) at low mental frequency (theta range – 5 to 4 cycles per second), 60 to 120% increased yield over untreated control.
  2. This finding will enhance food production and mitigate environmental pollution and eliminate health hazards.

Impact of this Project for common good:

In current times, one of the most life-threatening Dangerous Pollution is THOUGHT POLLUTION. This project scientifically proves the importance of Positive Thoughts and its far-reaching effect on one aspect of society i.e. Positive Thoughts have on Okra plants. This phenomenal tool can be implemented throughout the Agricultural sector, elevating the standard of living of our farmers by increasing their yield and help to reduce the fear during droughts and famine.

The success of this project has opened new avenues for metamorphosis in Humans too. Auto suggestions and Power of positive thinking is no more only a spiritual philosophy, rather this project proves the impact it has through scientific derivations.

Experiment 1

“Bio prospecting the scientific principles on the use of Bio – Electromagnetic Energy as new paradigm in improving soil health, crop production and drought resistance”


Bhendi (Okra) Abelmoschus esculentus L.


Randomized Replicated Design.

No of Replications:

Three (3)

No of Treatments:

Six (6)

Treatments Details:

  • T1 Thought transaction for 2mts.
  • T2 Thought transaction for 5mts
  • T3 Thought transaction for 5mts + Panchakavyam* 3% spray
  • T4 Thought transaction for 2m + Panchakavyam 3% spray.
  • T5 Panchakavyam 3% spray alone
  • T6 Untreated Control
* Panchagavyam a cow product

Results: Experiment 1

Salient Findings:

Plants respond well to thought transaction in low mental frequency. The growth and the mean yield increased to 121%. Panchagavya, being a natural product, was found to enhance the growth and mean yield by 68%. There was no significant difference in mean yield between thought transaction alone and in combination with Panchagavya.

Natural enemies against pests and diseases multiplied naturally in the crop environment there by the pests multiplication was checked without using any chemical fertilizer or pesticides.

The above two findings are very significant in their potential impact to enhance food production safely free from pesticides residues, mitigating environmental pollution and eliminating health hazards due to current practices of chemical agriculture.

Experiment 2

“Bio prospecting the scientific principles on the use of Bio – Electromagnetic Energy as new paradigm in improving soil health, crop production and drought resistance”


  • To field test the effect of Bio – EM principles using thought transaction in “Theta frequency” in improving food production.
  • To test the efficacy of Bio – EM and Panchakavya on their feasibility and adaptability in improving food production.
  • To test the efficacy of Bio – EM with 50% reduced irrigation in increasing food production and drought tolerance.
  • To evaluate the effect of Panchakavya on crop productivity and quality of the produce.


Seven (7)


Three (3)

Treatments Details:

  • Bio – EM 5mts.
  • Panchakavyam 3% spray.
  • Bio – EM + Panchakavyam 3% spray
  • Bio – EM + Alternate Irrigation.
  • Alternate Irrigation.
  • Recommended Fert. Dose
  • Control (Untreated).

Salient Findings:

  • Bio – Em with Panchakavya (3%) recorded the highest value for bio metric, yield and quality parameters followed by the Bio – Em and Recommended dose of fertilizers Viz.,200:100kg NPK./ha.
  • Bio – Em alone produced fruit yield almost equal to the treatment of recommended dose of fertilizer (RDF) but significantly higher than control.
  • Bio – Em found to influence the efficiency of water use thereby enhancing the drought tolerance apart from giving higher yield and improved bio metric parameters compared to 50% reduced irrigation alone.

To know more about the Research and outcomes of the above project reach out to:-

Dr. S. Letchoumanane,
Director, Research & Development,
Temple of Consciousness, Arutperumjothi Nagar,
Aliyar – 642 101. Pollachi. Coimbatore (District),
Tamil Nadu, India.
Mobile: + 91 944 332 5514
E-mail: |

Videos about Effect of Bio-EM (Effect of thought waves) video links:

Media Gallery

WCSC President SKM.Maeilanandhan (3rd from left) visiting the Experimental site with his Directors

Scientists for Tamil Nadu Agricultural University Coimbatore inspecting the experiment

Dr.S Letchoumanane (Project Leader) passing “thought waves” as “Bio-Em” wishing a good crop and yield on selected plots of Okra

Traditional rituals being performed before the start of sowing. Workers offering prayers to “Nature” for a prosperous crop. Dr. K Shoba, Project leader and other scientists attend the ceremony.