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concrete steps to achieving physical, emotional & spiritual health through activating & strengthening the life force

Panel of Eminent Doctors & Yoga Masters

Webinar Held on 9th October 2021

Dr. Swathanthira Devi

Family Physician and Accupuncturist. 

Dr. M.V. Rabindranath

A Family Physician for more than 50 years and involved in Research in Holistic Medicinal Approach to life

Dr. S. Karuna

Gynaecologist and a Family Physician Practices holistic wellness

Dr. J. Thavamani

Specialist in Women & Children Health A Yoga Practitioner, Dubai

Prof. G. Balachandran

Senior SKY Professor,
World Community Service Centre

Know About this Webinar

  • Relief in chronic ailments like Diabetes & Heart Ailments
  • Achieving Hormonal balance alleviates many health problem of women
  • Anger & Stress management would help to build great relationships
  • Reduction in frequency of mind would help you to overcome depression
  • Yoga & Breathing helps in asthma and other respiratory related issues

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