KayaKalpa for Students (Tamil)

Students  - 14 years to 23 years

Duration of the Course - 3 hours , followed by Interactive Question & Answers Session

Course Date - June 13th, 2021*

Timings :  6:00 - 9:00 am IST & 7.00 - 10.00 pm IST

*Course content will be avaialble for 10 days after completion of the course

Language: Tamil

Instructors: WCSC-Vision



Why this course?


Kayakalpa Yoga is an ancient and wonderfully rejuvenating technique which was discovered by our ancient South Indian Siddhas (sages) for the enhancement of life energy. Though this yogic practice was somewhat lost during time but was once again brought back by Shri Vethathiri Maharishi for entire humanity by delineating it in an easy to practice methods. Thus, Kayakalpa with meditation is a boon to humanity.

In Sanskrit, the term “Kaya” means “Body and “Kalpa” means “Immortal”. The Science of Kayakalpa yoga delineates the manner in which human body can be immortalised by restructuring the body in a natural way. It is a type of yogic manoeuvre for the betterment of human society. It includes a few exercises of hypometabolic and parasympathetic origin. It relieves the practitioner of many troubles of aging and helps to cure and prevent the diseases.

Kayakalpa has threefold major objectives:

  • Maintaining youthfulness and physical health,
  • Resisting and slowing down the aging process,
  • Postponing death until one reaches spiritual perfection.

Some of the benefits are as follows:

  • Activates the brain cells to its fullest functional levels
  • Increases memory power and grasping ability.
  • Develops immunity and improves Cardio Respiratory function
  • Boosts cardiac efficiency, increase in the respiratory muscle power, decrease in viscoelastic resistance of the lung.
  • Reduces effect of hereditary diseases.
  • Reduces intensity of chronic diseases like piles, diabetes, asthma. Skin diseases are reduced and cured.
  • Strengthens the uterus. Menstrual problems are reduced to a great extent.
  • Helps in bringing proper arrangement of polarity of body cells.
  • Assists in reformation of character by removing unwanted thoughts and habits

Kayakalpa gives significant physical, mental and spiritual benefits by intensifying the life-force. This practice is a natural way of restructuring the body. Significant results have been observed in various types of chronic diseases and in overall improvement of general health.

How to Use?

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Step 1


Registration to the Course

Step 2

How to start the Course?

You will receive a mail 24-48 hours before the start of the Course with Login details and information pertaining to the Course

Step 3

Journey of Learning

Attending the Online Course during the scheduled time per your convenience. After the session completion there will be a live Q & A session with the Professor to clarify all your queries.

Step 4


WhatsApp Group will be created and you will be added to the same .This is basis the number provided during registration. If you want any other number added, please mail vision@vethathiri.ac.in


"I haven't thought that a virtual class would be so much powerful. I think this is one of the best yoga classes I have attended... Especially today's class, I feel blessed myself and around me are also blessed.
Each and every exercise are clear for me to understand and if any doubts I could clear it then and there.
Thanks for this bliss in my mind." 

Madhumitha, Foundation Course-English

"மிக அருமையான காய கல்ப விளக்கத்தை எமக்கு அளித்தீர்கள் . மனிதனுடைய வாழ்வுக்கு காயகல்ப பயிற்சி எவ்வளவு முக்கியம், அதன் பரிமாற்றங்கள் எத்தனை வகையாக செயல்ப்படுகிறது, என்பதையும்,மனிதனுடைய பிறப்பில் இருந்து இறப்பு வரை நடக்கும் பரிமாற்றங்களை அருட்தந்தை எவ்வளவு நுணுக்கமாக சிந்தித்து எமக்கு பயிற்சியளித்துள்ளார் என்பதையும் தெளிவாக உரைத்தீர்களம்மா. அருட்தந்தையை நினைக்கும் போது எனக்கு மிகவும் ஆச்சரியமாகவே உள்ளது , உண்மையில் அவர் ஒரு பத்தொன்பதாம் நூற்றாண்டு சித்தர் தான் சந்ததேமேயில்லை . வாழ்க வளமுடன் வாழ்க வளர்க வேதாத்திரியம் . இறைகுருவே அருட்தந்தை துணை."

Ranjini, Foundation Course-Tamil

"The day I have done foot reflexology , it seems as if I don't know how many miles I have walked away, at the same time yesterday I got up very fresh in the morning. And also there is quite glow on my face , seems my parlour money would be saved with Kaya Kalpa Yoga. 

Neha, Foundation Course-English

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