Arulnidhi Course- English/Tamil Nov 2020

Course enrollement is avaialble only for International SKY Aspirants (Outside India). 


In addition to the Course donation below, centre donation to be paid at the time of practice - $25

Eligiblity - Completion of Bramhagnanam Course

Please fill this form to confirm Eligibility

Language: Tamil/English

Instructors: WCSC-SMART


Why this course?


WCSC -SMART is launching the Online Arulnidhi Course for aspirants outside India. 

This is a great oppurtunity for the Global Aspirants. Course enrollement is available only for International SKY Aspirants (Outside India).

The seeker becomes a spiritual master guiding their fellow beings to ease their spiritual journey. Having completed all the Introspection courses and the Brahma Gnanam course one becomes eligible to become a Master.

Each candidate is called upon to accept the responsibility of helping spread this philosophy and practices. The participants are given training in imparting exercises and meditation practices. The spirit of tolerance, adjustment and sacrifice must become strong and an intrinsic part of their daily lives. Everyone is urged to improve their character and personality to the utmost and serve the world with dedication and compassion for all.


  1. Should have completed Brahmagnanam and interested in WCSC teachers service. Minimum 15 days gap after completing Brahmagnanam course.
  2. Physically able to do all the Simplified Physical Exercises (particularly Vajrasana and Makarasana exercises).
  3. Aged between 20 years and 65 years of age.
  4. Student should enroll with the guidance of their local SKY Center coordinator who should reach out to their zonal or country coordinator for any guidance on enrollment matters.
  5. Students should be present in person at the nearest SKY centerthat is facilitating the course.centre charges to be paid at the time of practice - $ 25
  6. Appropriate COVID safety precautions in alignment with local government regulations will be followed by SKY Centers at place of training. Students are required adhere to safety precautions including wearing a mask and following appropriate social distancing guidelines.
  7. Timings will be for 3 consecutive weekends (Saturday /Sundays )

How to Use?

 After successful registration, this item would be added to your courses. You will receive a mail 48-72 hours before the classes starts.

You can access your courses in the following ways :

  • From Computer, you can access your courses after successful login
  • For other devices, you can access your library using this web app through browser of your device.
  • The course is compatible with Android, Microsoft  & Apple platforms.
    • Course videos will be uploaded in the website for access at your convenience during the validity period.
    • Course videos can be played back through Android and Microsoft Platforms only.



Step 1


Registration to the Course

Step 2

How to start the Course?

You will receive a mail 24-48 hours before the start of the Course with Login details and information pertaining to the Course

Step 3

Journey of Learning

Attending the Online Course during the scheduled time. After the session completion there will be a live Q & A session with the Professor to clarify all your queries.

Step 4


WhatsApp Group will be created and you will be added to the same .This is basis the number provided during registration. If you want any other number added, please mail


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