By Vethathiri Maharishi

Blessing is a great mantra than all other mantras. While we bless anybody, there is a life link- chain that is created between him and us, and it works flowing through the link. We get qualified to bless somebody. Our magnanimity on its own grows to such extent. This blessing gets registered in universal-consciousness, through that spreads to super-consciousness, support to grow friendship day by day. Hatred on its own goes off.

If a father blesses everyday his son who is in conflict, the blessing would spread through the life-link between them, get recorded in the brain of the son, correct him slowly, would make the son to act as per the wishes of father. Same would be the situation between husband and wife. This is the fact I have experienced by looking at many families.

By blessing, all required benefits can be obtained. Hence, we can see that the devotees and devotional songs blessing even the God. By blessing God, man has set a good habit of blessing all. Due to this, It is certain that enrichment of mind grows.

Let’s benefit by blessing,

‘By the divine bliss, we all may enjoy Good health, Long life, Abundant wealth, High fame & Wisdom!’

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