Blessing and receiving blessings have been part of our cultural practices since ages. Of all the mantras, blessing is the easiest and yet the most effective mantra. But ever wondered how it works?

Vethathiri Maharishi, a spiritual scientist, beautifully explains what really happens in the background when someone blesses with intention and how it can be smartly applied for relationship management. While we bless someone, a life-link chain gets generated between them and us, the blessing starts flowing through the life-link. And, it gets registered in the universal-consciousness (source energy for both) through which it spreads to super consciousness of the receiver. And then we get to witness the magic!

Despite the conflict, when we bless someone, hatredness towards the person vanishes from our heart and our intentions are purified. Parallely, inappropriate habits from the other person also vanish and friendship starts growing day by day.

For instance, if a father regularly blesses his son who is in conflict, the blessing would spread through the life-link between them, get recorded in his son's brain and correct him slowly. Likewise, this could be applied to resolve conflicts between husband-wife, manager-subordinate, friends, neighbours and so on. Infact, blessing yourself is also very important and it proves to be very effective. You can read about the experience of blessing self, by one of our students in this link -

We see the devotees and devotional songs blessing even the God! The idea behind it is to inculcate such noble practice amongst us. Blessing benefits both the giver and the receiver.

So next time you come across a conflict or unpleasant situation in your life, you know what to do 😉


‘By the divine bliss, we all may enjoy Good health, Long life, Abundant wealth, High fame & Wisdom!’

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