“The greatest joy in all living is the joy that comes from giving”

Vethathiri Maharishi, named his organisation

“The World Community Service Centre”

The name chosen by him epitomizes the intention with which it was established

  • To serve humanity, every individual, society, and the World.
  • To bring transformations in the World, let us join and radiate our vibrations all corners of the World.
  • Contribute your talents, your skills, your knowledge, your wisdom and more importantly your time for this spiritual endeavour.
Vethathiri Maharishi

What will you get if you volunteer?

S - Self Transformation - Discovering your hidden potential.
E - Earn good Imprints - Every bit of Service, adds to the deposit of good deeds.
R - Renewed Learning - Volunteering is a best forum for Learning, which explores hidden skill and potential.
V - Victory over Sins - Each act of service will enable to bring about Big Results.
I - Intuitive Learning - Vanquishing the "I" of our Ego
C - Connecting to Higher Forces -Tune our mind with great thoughts
E - Evolve - Discover a "New You"

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