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Today’s world is facing various kinds of problems and challenges at various levels. This is not due to the Nature but mainly due to man’s misunderstandings and misconceptions. In the absence of a scientific approach, the various shades of religions have divided the people thus depriving them of their ability to love others. In the absence of a coherent and philosophical base, science is full of basic problems begging for fundamental solutions; likewise, technology has been used more for destructive purposes rather than for constructive purposes.

We must strive for a cultural evolution to suit the practical needs of the modern age. There are innumerable rituals and dogmas followed today. Due to the natural course of cultural evolution life is constantly changing. Therefore, all rituals and other concepts are to be frequently analysed and reformed.

Nature has gifted mankind with the Sixth Sense, an inquisitive mind, the ability and power to create, discover, invent and transform. The Research and Development (R&D) Wing of WCSC, harnesses the power of the human intelligence to create a unique symphony of Science and Vethathirium adopting a different approach. It aims to create innovative revolution using India’s rich Ancient Knowledge to suit the current times and to make our World a Global Peace land.


The projects and research undertaken by R&D Wing of WCSC are oriented towards World transforming Vethathirian Principles.




Research Academy

Committees and trust under WCSC for Research

  1. In the year 1984, “Yogiraj Vethathiri Maharishi founded the “Vethathiri Maharishi Kundalini Yoga and KayaKalpa Research Foundation” (VMKYKKRF)”, a Research Wing of WCSC for intense and in-depth research
  2. In 1998 the ‘Brain Trust’ was established to bring together intellectuals of various fields to discuss the compelling issues facing mankind and work towards solutions for bringing about peace and harmony to the individual and to the world at large.
  3. As desired by. Vethathiri Maharishi, a Committee for the Theory of Unified Force and Animation (CUFA) was formed to carry out research in Science and Philosophy, bring out the secret codes of the Ultimate Source and its manifestation as Universe with all its diversities as inanimate and animate beings. He is one of the few Spiritualists who voluntarily put his theories to be considered for research from diverse angles of Philosophy, Science, Psychology, Religion, Logic etc. with the idea of bringing out a holistic understanding of Nature and also to find practical solutions to the problems of the world.

Story of CUFA, a Scientific Conglomerate

On 14th August 1994, on the occasion of Maharishi’s birthday, C.U.F.A was formally announced. A group of twenty College Professors with the blessings of Maharishi had a first meeting on discussing the scientific concepts of Vethathiri model of Universe. On relating with the present science, The Committee found lots of differences between Maharishi’s revelations and the concepts held in the present Science.

A few examples:

Present science says Earth is attracting a stone. But Vethathiri science says that it is not the attraction between the Earth and the stone, but it is the self-compressive force of the Absolute Space surrounding the earth and the stone that is compressing both of them.

Present science explains that the property of an object is based on the energy particles contained in it, whereas Vethathiri Science states that the property of an object is based on the magnetic waves between the energy particles.

Through continuous discussions, the CUFA committee found that the Vethathirian Science is coming out with entirely different dimensions to fill the gaps in Science.

On discussing closely with Vethathiri Maharishi, the CUFA committee found a truth that “He is taller than what he looks and greater than what he writes”. He nicely builds a bridge between Science and Religion. His findings give solutions to all fields from living science to Universe. CUFA further expanded to form sub committees for doing more research in the fields of Philosophy, Physics, and Biology etc.…

In 1995, on the day of Deepavali festival, CUFA committee expressed a wish to Maharishi for naming energy particles like Electron, Proton, Neutron in terms of “Yogon” and “Vethon”, the names they proposed for the conceptual particles proposed by Maharishi. As Vivekananda quotes, “Sages will declare the noblest truth to the mankind without any fear or favor”, Vethathiri Maharishi’s findings also were such Truths which gave lots of works to researchers for conducting research in diverse and interrelated fields.

Vethathiri Maharishi has presented his philosophy and science to many universities:

1. Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore
2. Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi
3. Rutgers University, New Jersey
4. Kalamazoo, Michigan
5. University of Mississippi, Oxford
6. Colorado University, Fort Collins and Boulder
7. Chonnam University, South Korea

In 1996, CUFA committee was able to present a paper on Relative Theory of Einstein at Imperial College of London.

“Where Einstein ends, Maharishi starts. It is a perfect relay race.”

Vethathiri Science brings a new concept to fill the gap in the Sciences. While Science was talking about the Gravitational or Attractive Force, it was not able to explain about any counterpart to it. Maharishi fills the gap by proposing the two forces:

Self-compressive Surrounding pressure force and the Repulsive Force

According to Vethathirian Philosophy,

“Universe is nothing but Repulsive force and its fluctuations”

Another path breaking definition is “Consciousness is order of function in everything, everywhere”. Science is yet to go deep into the concept of Consciousness.

Story of CUFA, a Scientific Conglomerate

A three-day world Conference was organized by the Brain Trust in the year 2002 on the eve of Maharishi’s 91st Birthday where leaders from diverse fields, inclusive of Science to find out unified solutions for problems of human society. The idea is to find unification not only among the physical world but also to see how every field is nothing but the manifestation of the one Great Force.

Another path breaking definition is “Consciousness is order of function in everything, everywhere”. Science is yet to go deep into the concept of Consciousness. Vethathiri Maharishi, realized the Truth as Universal Being and it’s all pervading nature. He was able to recognize the Almighty principle, THE UNIFIED FORCE. Read more about this is in the book Unified Force.


Research & Journals


Journal: International Journal of Adapted Physical Education & Yoga

Year: March 2017

Journal: International Journal of Adapted Physical Education & Yoga

Year: Feb 2019

Journal: Review of Research

Year: May 2018


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Year: Aug 2016



Desires of experiencing God through senses will never be successful. By developing your Consciousness you have to become God yourself


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