Shri Vethathiri Maharishi - Common Man’s Philosopher, Thathuvagnani and a visionary spiritual leader was moved by the happenings of the Second World War. He, in fact, obtained training from St. John’s Ambulance to serve the people wounded in the war. Though with the atomic bombing, the war came to an end, but it had already caused immense misery and pain on (to) humanity. Having realised the Ultimate Truth and in the state of Spiritual Ecstasy, he saw how the entire humanity was reeling under the pain, misery,(and) hatred and destroying itself. It is this universal horror which made him do something to remove the tears from the face of humanity. This resulted in establishing the World Community Service Centre (“WCSC”) in 1958.

WCSC & Its Journey – 1958 to now

The World Community Service Centre (“WCSC”) began its journey in 1958 on 14th Aug. Today, it has more than 400+ Trusts and 2500+ Meditation Centres across the world, spread over 20+ countries and more than half a million people have benefited.
It has more than 15,000 Masters serving the society and working as Ambassadors of peace ennobling the society.
WCSC Vision is: World Peace and the Mission is: World Peace through Individual peace.

Join the Universal Cultural Revolution and be a part of World Peace with the millions of Global SKY Family!

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