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Village Service Project is one of the successful service projects of The World Community Service Centre. WCSC President Padmashri S.K.M. Maeilanandan is focused on empowering the Villages through holistic sustained efforts for development of villages, focus on empowering villages through upliftment of rural community, transforming thought process, way of life, focus on physical health, hygiene and educational empowerment.

“Choose a village you like and empower the villagers with peace, health and prosperity”

By Vethathiri Maharishi,   Founder of WCSC, SKY Yoga

VISION of Village Service Project (VSP)

Transforming every village in India  into a Self - sufficient, Healthy & Peaceful Village



Vethathirian Villages - Mass Transformation

1 lAKH+

Women Empowered through Skilled Training

2 Lakh+

People have been Transformed


Multi-Dimensional programs



Vethathiri Maharishi’s 14 point Vethathirium World Peace plan gives the most pragmatic steps to achieve World Peace. He propagated that Peace starts from and individual, spreads to the Family, Society and finally the World. He founded the Simplified Kundalini Yoga practices which empowers every individual and leads them in the path of Self Realisation and peaceful living .

Padmashri SKM Maeilanandan

President - WCSC

Pursuing the “World Peace through Individual Peace” goal of Vethathiri Maharishi, He determined to make a holistic transformation in the villages through this programs. VSP is a flagship project of WCSC empowering communities & building a strong foundation for the country.

Arulnithi P. Muruganantham

Director - VSP

Director of VSP projects leads from the front. Through his endeavors and determination, the Village Service has spread its outreach to over 2 lakh villagers have . He is listening to the village leaders and is also working in tandem with sponsors, foundations and social enterprises.

Multi-Pronged Approach

8 Programs to building a sustainable development in villages

SKY Yoga
A complete science of unified living for body, mind & Lifeforce to enable the villagers live with Health, happiness & Harmony

Students Camp
Counselling the young, encouraging the future citizens of our country and guiding them in the virtuous way of living.

Health Camp
Providing free checkups, medicines and tests to the villagers and helping them deal with their health issues.

Women Empowerment
Skill training is provided to the Women like tailoring, teaching them crafts etc. Education on financial management & entrepreneurial skills.

Environment Camp
Tree Planting activities in villages to plant one tree for every house in the adopted village. SKY volunteers guide people in various aspects of environment issues.

De-addiction Camps
Creating awareness and helping rehabilitation for substance abuse and alcohol.

Counselling for students and adults by professional counsellors.

Hygiene & Sanitation
Awareness about the cleanliness, sanitation drives and waste disposal education.

VSP Select Sponsors

Good partners make all the difference to the whole World. VSP is making a difference partnering with various corporate’s CSR programs

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