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Kayakalpa Yoga is the rejuvenating technique which was discovered by our ancient Indian Siddhas (Sages) and lost during the course of time. Vethathiri Maharishi revived this ancient yogic practice and gifted it to the World in a simple and lucid way.

This philosophy of Kayakalpa yoga delineates the manner in which the life of a human being can be enhanced by proper integration of physical body, mind, bio-magnetism, life force and sexual vital fluid.

vethathiri maharishi

“In my opinion, if this science of body chemistry and the art of increasing the immunity against illness and the ageing process are taught in schools and colleges to all youngsters over the age of fourteen, the entire world will undergo a transformation and enjoy a harmonious and peaceful life by the improvement of physical and mental health and moral behavior”.

By Vethathiri Maharishi

kayakalpa benefits

It includes a few exercises of hypometabolic and parasympathetic origin. It helps in various areas including that of aging and helps to cure and prevent diseases.

Kayakalpa has threefold major objectives:

Maintaining youthfulness and physical health

Postponing death until one reaches spiritual perfection

Resisting and slowing down the aging process

Increases memory power and grasping ability

Some of the benefits are as follows

  • Activates the brain cells to its fullest functional levels
  • Increases memory power and grasping ability
  • Helps in bringing proper arrangement of polarity of body cells
  • Develops immunity and improves Cardio Respiratory function
  • Boosts cardiac efficiency, increase in the respiratory muscle power, decrease in viscoelastic resistance of the lung
  • Reduces effect of hereditary diseases
  • Reduces intensity of chronic diseases like piles, diabetes, asthma. Skin diseases are reduced and cured
  • Strengthens the uterus. Menstrual problems are reduced to a great extent
  • Assists in reformation of character by removing unwanted thoughts and habits

Kayakalpa gives significant physical, mental and spiritual benefits by intensifying the life-force. This practice is a natural way of restructuring the body. Significant results have been observed in various types of chronic diseases and in overall improvement of general health.

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