PadmaShri SKM. Maeilanandhan

President, World Community Service Centre

SKM Maeilanandhan
WCSC President

"The pillar behind WCSC,  enabling to create a strong foundation as envisioned by Vethathiri Maharishi."

Padmashri SKM. Maeilanandhan,  the President of The World Community Services Centre - A well-known social activist, philanthropist, an Indian industrialist and founder of SKM Group of companies, a multi-talented humanistic leader, 

Born on June 18, 1945 in a poor agriculture family in Erode district of Tamil Nadu, he  pioneered a modern Rural Marketing Barter system which is being followed by the present traders. He pioneered for self-employment of educated and un-educated people of rural areas and provided job opportunities throughout the year. He organised more than 150 seminars and farmers meets to study and analyse their problems in the market and pricing and prevent emerging diseases of the poultry and educated the poultry farmers.

He became disciple of Shri Vethathiri Maharishi in year 1982 and Maharishi designated him as the President of The WCSC in the year 1997. . Under his able guidance and leadership, WCSC continues to fulfil the founder’s vision.Shri SKM Maeilanandhan adopted two Dalit villages namely Rajiv Nagar and Gandhi Nagar.  

He is a rare mingling of heart and soul, a bond of compassion amounting to union of truest of minds. A visionary and a pragmatic leader, he aims to amalgamate and unfurl the fundamental knowledge of serving Humanity by treading the path of Virtuosity.He is an embodiment of selfless service and epitomises a TRUE LEADER and GUIDE for the entire SKY Family Worldwide. Awards ReceivedHe has been honoured by the President of India with distinguished “Padma Shree Award”, India’s fourth highest civilian award, in year 2013 for his social work.He has received several National and State Awards for his accomplishments as a recognition to his contributions in various fields. 

Yogiraj Vethathiri Maharishi’s vision to bring transformation in the society through education, to establish the ethics and values of life in the mind of future generations, SKM. Maeilanandhan has taken relentless efforts to introduce Maharishi’s philosophy in various universities. His encouragement and guidance to various Directorates has enabled The World Community Service Centre to make significant contributions in substantial areas of Education, Research, Women Empowerment, Youth Empowerment, Village Transformation and empowering Humans. 

 Village Services Project (VSP) scheme, one of the marvels under WCSC        is his brainchild for upliftment of people living in rural area. He believes that the teachings of Vethathiri Maharishi and the benefits of SKY Yoga should be inspirational and transformational in the grassroots and  yoga and meditation courses are taught to 61,000 villagers in 148 villages.

VISION for Wisdom an Educational wing of the WCSC in order to impart the Value Based Education in collaboration with 30 Universities by creating MoUs and He formulated Yoga for Human Excellence as Certificate, Diploma, Degrees and doctorate courses. 1,54,469 are benefited with 70 percent of them  being females. SKM.Maeilandhan had taken relentless efforts to introduce Maharishi’s philosophy in various universities and also to spread Vethathiri's message not only in India but also World over. 


The World Community Service Center 

 A registered non-profit institution approved under FCRA rules with the Government of India


Temple of Consciousness,                                  Arut Perum Jothi Nagar, Aliyar, ValparaI Road, Pollachi, Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu 642101.          P: +91 7904402887

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