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Self-Learning Program

Foundation Course

Vethathiri Maharishi stresses that the practice of Kundalini Yoga is essential for all, and only a simplified process can bring it within the reach of everyone. The process of raising the Kundalini power of an aspirant may be compared to the manner in which iron filings are drawn, with the help of a magnet.

foundation course

English, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada

12 Days

01 to 12 October 2023

16 to 27 September 2023

Advanced Course - Certificate Course

Introspection and Brahmagnan practices empower you to transform your life and elevate your consciousness. By transforming the six temperaments you can completely re-engineer our life and be a super achiever in all areas of our life. Inner-programming through proven powerful techniques can help create deep lasting changes. You can start achieving our goals, excel in personal and professional relationships, have robust mental and physicals health.

certificate course

English, Tamil

6 Days

INTROSPECTION 1 - 04 to 09 Sep 2023

INTROSPECTION 2 - 11 to 16 Sep 2023

INTROSPECTION 3 - 18 to 23 Sep 2023

BRAHMAGNANAM - 25 to 30 Sep 2023


A 7 minute technique to enhance the Sexual Vital Fluid his philosophy of Kayakalpa yoga delineates the way the life of a human being can be enhanced by proper integration of physical body, mind, bio-magnetism, life force and sexual vital fluid. Kayakalpa Yoga is the rejuvenating technique which was discovered by our ancient Indian Siddhas (Sages) and lost during time.

kayakalpa yoga
English, Tamil, Telugu

180 Minutes

01 October, 2023 (Telugu)

10 September 2023 (Tamil, English)

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