Diwali can be Celebrate 

     in Spirituality way –                            Vethathirum


Shri Vethathiri Maharishi always believed in simple and easy ways of accessing universal Energies. Spending a mere half an hour that day, with the entire family involved in DivineMeditation techniques taught to us by Swamiji will empower us to attune with the high-powered forces of the universe, in the comfort of our home. This connection is the absolute connection to the Divine, a journey inward to connect to the omnipresent force.
Celebrating as a Family and Wearing New ClothesThe feeling of togetherness during such occasions with the Family gives a sense of fulfillment and happiness.
In the earlier days, buying clothes and donning them was done only during festivals or special occasions, hence the New clothes ritual. Let's take a moment and rethink this-today clothes are bought without waiting for occasions or for special days. It even arrives at the click of the button at our doorstep.

Maharishi sees aspects of Charity in the Rituals. Giving each other- relatives and friends- new clothes or gifts were also followed earlier since it was one of the few occasions to share and show love and affection. Is this followed in the same spirit today? Or, are we buying things for others due to compulsion?
An affluent SKY family strictly adhered to the rule of not giving clothes or gifts to their relatives and friends, as they felt that everyone had a bountiful of clothes and had their own personal choices. Instead of that family, are brightening the lives of the people who work for them, like house help, watchman, etc.; the needy ones in the lower economic strata, by buying the necessary things and donating the rest for feeding the poor.
Bursting CrackersBefore the invention of Electricity, winter started with darkness and the onset of a cold. Crackers brought about light and created warmth temporarily. With our Earthreeling under the horrifying effects of Pollution and Heated temperatures, introspection regarding this ritual is definitely needed.
Lighting LampsA ritual to drive away from the darkness; let’s drive away from the darkness within, make an effort to overcome the theSixtemperamentsthat Swamiji talks about. Ignite the light within us, and attain perfection through the therealisationofTruth.
Before we splurge this Diwali, prioritize, take pause and think, who is this really for and for whose benefit? Is it for maintaining social status and continuing a custom that has far outlasted its true meaning or,is it for SELFsatisfaction?
Swamiji, in his books and speeches clearly articulates about the ancient legendary stories, festivals, etc. that were created for Man to understand the magnitude and magnificence of Nature, its qualities, functions, and results. It was a path, a way to understand the ultimate truth, the Divine one.
Stories expound on the numerous ways in which the glowing energies of characters established Dharma on earth. When the energy of knowledge and wisdom conquered over that of ignorance, Diwalihappened.
Lord Rama conquered the Evil Ravana, Good flourished over Evil, the demons outside are killed, we should also kill the ones inside us. In those eras, it was a shift in Consciousness. The shift enforces realization, an awakening, Awakening of the real Self.
The essence of the Diwali celebration should be to get inner strength so that people can fight against social tribulations and stigmas.
Whenwelightthefirstlamp, we take so much care that the flame should last long, and it shouldn’t douse, but we don’t take the same amount of care to keep the native spirits of Diwali glowing.

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