Celebrate International Womens Day through yoga Vethathirium

The 19th century saw the fruition of the efforts of great souls who had ardently worked for the rights, equality, dignity and freedom of women who had been deprived of the same for many centuries. Great masters and realized souls all around the world knew the value of women and the inevitable role they play in structuring the society. 

For centuries women had fought against gender bias. With narrow-minded attitude, women were subjected to disgrace and they had struggled and had to undergo untold miseries.

Vethathiri Maharishi has explicitly explained the Greatness of women through his poems and teachings and lived by his words. 

Swamiji says that peace of the family starts when the women of the house are happy and peaceful. Women hold the key to prosperity as only with their wellbeing does the family and society prosper in every dimension

Swamiji articulates that Divinity has taken a special place in its evolution which is expressed and reflected in womanhood. The compassion, care, affection, attention, love and loyalty shown by women is incomparable. Women take a superior role in nurturing the human race and only through them humanity sees its continuity.

Swamiji awakens us by showing the importance and value of women, the great contributions they make to the family and society. Every human has the birth-right to have freedom of expressing their thoughts and women is no exception.

Woman is an expression of gentleness together with toughness, stronger and softer at the same time. Her strength is the strength of men. Her energies poetically balance that of men and a man who realises that will have a fulfilling life of happiness.

Maharishi says that women play a vital role in the upbringing of the future citizens of the world and her mental and physical wellbeing is important for achieving the noble task.

There shouldn’t be a day fixed to celebrate womanhood. Womanhood, is in itself a celebration, cherishing the creative force within every woman, every day

There is a Goddess within every woman, and when humanity starts to see her divinity, the race of mankind will flourish in spirituality.


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