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How to Meditate?

A difficult practice but made simple by Vethathiri Maharishi the philosopher of 21st century who has given scientific explanation to all ageold spiritual practices. Where does the mind start? He says the mind starts its function only from the life energy. While life energy can be equated to the sub-atomic particles, the mind can be equated to the magnetic waves emerging from the swirling function of the sub-atomic particles. Life energy has two functions, viz., the physical functioning and maintenance of the body from conversion of food to nutrients to excretion of waste matter and the phsychic function which involves cognition through senses and thought process. The bio-magnetic waves from the Life energy working through the brain is called as the mind. The mind is not a separate entity, but only the psychic extension of life energy. Therefore, the proper and easier way to calm the mind is to fix it in its origin, viz., the life force. This is called kundalini yoga and Vethathiri Maharishi has made it even simpler calling it Simplified Kundalini Yoga.

SKY yoga is taught to one and all irrespective of caste, creed, religion, education or profession. From the illiterate to the learned scientists and from an ordinary peasant to the rich all are learning and practicing this simplified kundalini yoga and experience peace of mind every day.

Life energy is made up of very subtle particles having very fast circular movement. It is also circulating all over the body, with concentration of energy in some areas in the physical body. Just as the heart is the functional centre for the blood circulation and the lungs are the functional centre for the air circulation, the life energy has its functional centre at the mooladhara chakra in the physical body. This is called kundalini and is located at the bottom of the spine, and the life energy flows from there up to the brain, all along the spinal cord, where there are four more working centres which are associated with endocrine glands secreting life-saving harmones.

When we are able to quieten the mind, we can feel these energy centers along the spine length from mooladhara to Agna. In SKY yoga, Vethathiri Maharishi has simplified the technique of raising the kundalini yoga through the touch of a Guru, who has already experienced its presence in the body. With such initiation, the practitioner is able to feel the kundalini rising from mooladhara to agna or the forehead chakra where a feeling of pressure is felt.


When the energy is dormant at the mooladhara chakra, such people are stuck to materialistic living and sensual intoxication. When the same energy is taken upward to higher chakras of swadhishtaana, manipooraka anagada visukthi and agna, spiritual awareness develops in man, with awareness increasing in the self and the energy is finally felt at the top of the brain. This is called dhuriya or the crown chakra, the gateway to freedom or eternal bliss.

Enroute in this process, sometimes, for some reason, the energy might get stuck midway and may cause some mental or physical problems, which was the reason the ancient saints took to celibacy and penance away from family duties. However with the introduction and practice of Santhi yoga taught by Vethathiri Maharishi, this problem is also alleviated. Now any one while performing his/her normal duties to the self, family and the society can easily practice the kundalini yoga by raising and lowering this energy between any of the energy centers without any side effects. However, this has to be learnt in the presence of and with the guidance of a master who is well trained in this practice. There are thousands of masters who have been trained by WCSC founded by Vethathiri Maharishi. They are giving initiation to thousands of practitioners daily who are reaping benefits of kundalini meditation in this modern age. Even women who were banned from practicing this kundalini yoga meditation are able to feel the bliss of meditation and practice the same during their normal days.

Therefore, those who aspire for spiritual development should get their energy raised up from Mooladara chakra and get it centered at Agna Chakra, which is located in the top of head, deep inside at the meeting point from the forehead and keep the focus there. 

There are SKY centres all over the world and also available online teaching these simple but effective techniques. One can enroll themselves in the foundation courses and have their initiation to the world of kundalini energy and its experiences.


Vethathiri Maharishi's SKY Yoga is spread across 20 countries and has transformed over 6 million lives.
SKY is the perfect blend of Yoga, Kundalini Meditation, Intense and Practical Introspection practices that empower to lead a meaningful and fulfilled life.

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