Yoga is nothing but the transformation of the self to the divine path, evolution of the self, journey of oneself toward the higher Consciousness. First we start training the mind. The mind has to be brought under awareness and its functioning should to come under our control. “Why am I here? What am I doing? Where am I going? Is this mode of journey suited to the purpose? If I do such and such an action, what will be the result?” – We put these questions to ourselves and train the mind to move along in the right path. This practice is Meditation.

Meditation has four sections: 

(1) withdrawl of the mind 

(2) fix-focussing the mind on the life-force 

(3) focusing the mind to on point, 

(4) becoming one with the Almighty. 

By meditation you are enabled to bring to the peaceful state. You get awareness and develop will-power. Introspection leads to sublimation. The ultimate objective, the final achievement is perfection. Spiritual practice brings benefits in day-to-day life mainly because they help to manage the tension and friction in due course; As a result the mind is at peace; and the gains are preserved and consolidated through contentment.

When the mind comes to understand the reality of Nature, there is a turning point in one’s life leading to peace, happiness and bliss. Through meditation, the mind develops will-power, becomes stronger and stronger and subtler and subtler. What is this life-force where we are trying to fix our mind? Let us understand this. Millions of basic, fundamental practices, having self-rotating force are working as a group in our body and this grouping is the life-force. It is the life-force that is the seat of consciousness. The origin of the life-force is the Absolute, the Almighty. In the entire Universe it is working as cosmic Consciousness. In meditation, you are first able to feel and understand the existence of your own life-force. So far, you were having only-body-consciousness but now your consciousness is elevated to the mind and then to the spirit. The soul is holding the consciousness. This consciousness is having its seat in the soul.

In order to meditate on the life force or the soul energy you have to identify its working centers. For almost all human beings, the working centre is generally situated in the sexual gland which is called Mooladhar or basic support. This has to be brought up to the Agna-Chakra, the point between the eyebrows. When this is done, spiritual understanding starts and that gives the link with the mind and the soul. For the ones who has been initiated in our Simplified Kundalini Yoga, the life-force can be made to work in any of the seven centres of the body corresponding to endocrine glands right up the pineal in the crown of the head.

The endocrine glands in our body secrete a chemical and magnetic fluid which has a definite bearing on the nervous system. The nerves around every endocrine gland are connected with a particular area or zone of the brain. When we think of any object, the brain cells of a particular lobe give the shape and image of that object to us. If you are able to activate a particular endocrine gland and bring it within your control, it will automatically influence the thought-pattern in the corresponding area of the brain. Instead of being helplessly tossed about by thoughts as hitherto, you are using the thoughts to better your life.

This yoga is called Raja Yoga. Let us understand the reason behind it. In the undeveloped man with whom the spiritual awakening is yet to occur, the five senses dictate what he should do and he follows them along helplessly. Here, the consciousness is a slave to the senses. Through Yoga, when the Consciousness get the awareness that is leading to enlightenment, it is able to retain and control the senses. Consciousness which was clinging to the foot-stool earlier, comes now to the throne. Hence this yoga is called Raja Yoga. “Raja” being “King”.

All of you are practicing this Raja Yoga and you are slave to none, servant to none. When you do meditation regularly and you are improving your will-power. Whatever good thought comes to you, you need to put it into practice. Habit acquired through decades cannot be changed in a day and so preserve. We need to remember that the habits are not guests from outside that can be thrown out in an instant. Habits are very much of our own and we need to change them in stages, with constant awareness and understanding. It is this comprehensive psychic practice that we call it as Yoga-not standing on the head or doing furious physical exercises:

Yoga is perfect understanding and the implementation of a scientific formula for changing the personality through spiritual awareness. It comprises mental practice and physical discipline. For long we have lived on this Earth acquiring a variety of contaminations that were conditioned our mind. Now instead of haphazard living, let us search and research, let us make ourselves into what we want to be, so that we may develop the Consciousness to the fullest. This and this alone is the purpose of birth.

When the mode of living is in consonance with the purpose of life, there is peace, satisfaction and happiness. Whenever there is conflict between the purposes of living, there are pains and miseries. So let us find the natural rhythm in every action and in everything. Wherever there is a gap, let us bridge it. For this, awareness and will-power are necessary. By meditation and introspection, let us develop awareness and will-power and get enlightenment and perfection, so that we may stand firm despite the stresses and strains; travails and tribulations of this worldly life and be as a beacon to others, radiating peace and cheer and hope.


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