Start Blessing   Everything in Your Life 

   and see the Changes

The gentle breeze and the tender plants in full bloom waved in harmony. The attar spread in thin air and the surrounding was diffused with pleasantness. Life in its smallest sense, vibrate with energy around us, yet our ever-vibrating senses fail to zoom through the subtleness of Nature. Our laboured-lifestyle lavishly harbours on confusion and starts every day with conflict within oneself.

A plant does not discriminate by reserving its fragrance only for the person who tends it. Whoever goes near the plant receives the fragrance of its flowers. Likewise, a person who radiates good thoughts will be beneficial to one and all in the society. Swamiji propounded “Wave theory” decades ago (in the 1950’s). Today scientists are acknowledging the wave theory and scientifically elucidating its impact.

Vethathiri Maharishi illustrates that life is filled with pleasant vibrations and the more we tune our mind to the subtleness around us, the more we become efficient in delving through the secrets of Nature. Swamiji explains the deeper layers of philosophy with lucid examples: 

“When a wave comes from something, it has all the qualities of the object from which it originated. A wave coming from a rose, for instance, has the fragrant characteristic of that flower. In the like manner, any wave emanating from anything has a distinct quality – mechanical, chemical, magnetic, electrical and psychic.

All functions, contents and characteristics of the objects are transmitted from the wave, through the wave and by the wave. In the case of a human being, the wave emanating from an individual, by radiation, smell, sight, word or thought – whatever it may be – carries all the qualities of that being. 

Since every person is conditioned by the imprints of experiences already undergone, their thought, speech and action will be in accordance with those imprints. Our day-to-day life blends to so many shades in every relation and circumstances, whether in workplace or at home, we are predisposed to subject our personality to a matrix of vibrations. Every individual has good as well as bad imprints. Consequently, according to the conditioning of the individual’s mind, the thought emanating from them may be positive or negative. In addition to imprints of our own action, we have acquired innumerable externally caused imprints that are ingrained in our personality. Whenever the unwanted or adverse imprints are activated, they become more deeply ingrained. It is here that the value of blessings comes into play.

What is the state of one’s mind when blessing a person? An individual radiates good waves at that time, or one could not bring oneself to bless. When you proceed to bless someone, you are actually preparing your personality – bringing it to positive vibrations. When you practice positive thoughts, good vibrations emanate from you, and when blessing is done in that state of mind, it gathers tremendous power. The waves of blessings clash on the other person, they reflect onto you, refract and penetrate to several persons in addition to the one who is the object of your blessing. Good vibrations spread out to the whole of humanity; to the entire universe in every direction. Accordingly, when you bless someone, you are automatically blessed.

An individual’s mind must be in a peaceful state when blessing. There can be no aggravation, because one cannot bless in an aggravated state of mind. When one blesses, he or she automatically comes to Divine Consciousness. 
Let us understand this better with a real life incident** “Ravi had not slept for a week. He was glued to the television, closely following the shocking Nirbhaya case, that occurred in India. The entire nation was shocked, he felt connected deeply to the situation. Almost a week had passed and yet he felt like it had occurred yesterday. He was unable to move on, shocked at human apathy and indifference.

Reluctantly he woke up for his morning walk. He knew Satish, his friend & colleague will reach his home in ten minutes. He quickly dressed and they started their morning walk. Satish enquired why he was looking so tired. Ravi shared all the details with Satish and the pain he felt thinking about the gruesome act that humans can do to others.

Satish quietly listened to Ravi, and asked him if he was blessing the girl, Nirbhaya. Ravi nodded and told that he did so in his daily prayers. Satish then startled Ravi by asking him, if he blessed the perpetrators too. Ravi was aghast with anger and shock; he asked Satish why he should bless the men who committed this crime. Satish calmly explained Swamiji’s wave theory and told Ravi, by blessing the offenders, Ravi was in fact disconnecting himself from the event and relieving his own pain.

Swamiji thoughtfully gave this concept in his usual simple, unassuming but very effective manner. After meditation, members follow a 7 step blessing process. The 6th step of Blessing is: – “Bless your enemies or miscreants if any, so that they may also change and lead a good life”. Here enemies has a broad interpretation, it includes individuals with whom we have any misunderstanding or animosity for any reason.

So how does the 6 th blessing step work: When we bless our enemies or miscreants, overlooking their mistakes or past instances, the benefit of this is first received by the person blessing. The wave emanated during blessing first calms the individual who is blessing i.e. SELF. This peaceful wave is charged and travels to reach the person, the individual who is being blessed.

During this entire process, there is a silent transformation occurring within the individual who is blessing and also the individual who is being blessed.” Therefore, by blessing others, we create such wonderful vibrations that we qualify ourselves to a higher state of Consciousness. The good thoughts which form the basis of blessings, as well as the good actions that follow, become a super-imposition upon adverse thoughts and unwanted imprints.

The good vibrations and pleasant radiations in thought and action will gain predominance in our personality and will gradually neutralise the undesirable and hostile imprints. So, for Truth-seekers, blessing is a wonderful technique for harmonizing thoughts. At the time of blessing, the vibrating wave permeates each and every cell and it spreads out enveloping all the individuals in the vicinity.

Let us tread the path shown by the Great Master, Shri Vethathiri Maharishi and take efforts to understand the subtleness of nature through the act of blessing and effortlessly spread the pleasantness of our noble thoughts to the vast humanity.


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