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We have to be compassionate and calm because as per the principles of Cause and Effect, the imprints born of our evil deeds have to be wiped off through pain and misery. Nature brings two individuals together, where the deeds of one produces pain that eradicates some of the imprints in the other. 

My pain may not be on account of the action of the other, but merely an opportunity provided by Nature to help me get rid of some of my imprints for which the time is ripe. The other individual is just an instrument and should not be blamed at all.

Nature uses the seemingly harder path as a tool for the cleansing process, so that the lesson learnt through it will be longstanding and will enforce awareness in future. All desires seek expressions in time. A desire lurking in an individual’s mind will find an opportunity to turn into action with time. The desire to be an instrument of pain was already there, and in the absence of steps for eradicating it, found expression through corresponding actions. 

In the process, his desire is fulfilled, and our imprint also cleansed, which was why Nature brought the two of us together. When this fact is realized, blessing the wrongdoer whole heartedly becomes easy. Hundreds of imprints may lie dormant in us, just as a tree which lies latent in every seed. A seed planted in the ground, sprouts and grows into a tree yielding fruits and flowers over a period of years.

No seed becomes a tree the moment it is planted in the ground. In the same way, the imprints which lie concealed in the individual have to manifest and get eradicated in time. The person whose actions were the cause for the removal of an imprint was merely an instrument and has to be blessed. 

Before considering the question whether it is alright for us to lose our temper with a rapist, murderer or a thief, let us take a look at our own selves and the ill deeds we may have performed which others are unaware of. When we take those into account, we will realize that we have no moral right to stand in judgement over a person who committed the crime. It is important we realize the gravity of the situation in all its fullness, analysing the root cause and avoid giving vent to anger, even against these people. Of course, due punishment can be meted out to the wrong doer but it should be only to correct the person. ”

Swamiji clarifies that when desires are moralised, we can achieve contentment in life. In the same way Anger has to be eradicated totally and replaced by tolerance, a virtue born only when anger is neutralized. Tolerance is important to progress in introspection and achieving perfection. Anger has no place in human culture which has always advocated repaying evil with kindness and compassion.

Swamiji asserts that, an individual is a Gnani (Enlightened person), who is not touched by anger. Anger is the stumbling block in the path of spirituality and Divinity will reside only when anger is absent.

Concluding, the moral from this for us is, to progress in Spirituality or to have peace in Family or be successful at Office, one should try to neutralize anger by identifying one’s own mistakes and try to get over them by constant awareness and to be patient and tolerant and handling others. Regular meditation and constant introspection with the help of techniques given by Guru will make us a Fulfilled Human Being.


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