Why You Should     Love Your Enemies?         -  vethathirium

At the close of our meditation programme, we have a rule here that we bless even those who harm us and those are in the category of our enemies.

One day, one of our member asked to Swamiji β€œsuch and such a person is want only doing harm to me time and again although I have helped him. Swamiji, how can I sincerely bless such a person? Would not my blessing him be tantamount to extending support to his sins?”

Swamiji, in his usual charismatic smile answered; β€œNo man can do harm to another without a previous link of cause and effect or Karma. For example, suppose a friend always thinks about me as his enemy whereas I consider him to be my friend. He does harm to me one fine morning, the harmful deed of his, did not come out blue. Without the imprint of Karma in me, he could not have harmed me. I had earlier done some wrong resulting in some sinful imprints within me. Intime, it has to be exposed; such is the law of Nature.

The Law of Nature is working with its millions and millions of hands, connecting the universal energy of various stage. The collective force uses my friend to release my imprint into experience and so he is doing some action that gives me pain or misery. Any action, whatever it maybe, will not effect us unless there is an imprint.”

Nature is omniscient. It will not commit any mistake. There will never be injustice in Nature. It is the limitation of the human mind, which is conditioned with certain concepts that leads to a wrong conclusion. The man, who harmed now would have already thought of doing some sinful action, which was thereupon imprinted in his personality but he could not carry it out in action, because of environmental conditions. That bad thought-force is within him. The thought-force had been imprinted but the action had not manifested. So Nature linked just the proper man with me in order to expose my Karma. He is to finish the act on which is imprinted in him as a thought-force and I got result as harm or pain. That exposed my imprint of Fate. In this way, Nature is working within everything pervasive and omniscient. The result comes in time but be sure there will not be any Slip-up. That is Destiny.

Through meditation and introspection we can reduce the effect of Karma that one has and acquired. Good deeds, thoughts an actions are fundamental to accumulating good Karma.

Vaazhga Valamudan πŸ™ Vaazhga Vaiyagam πŸ™

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