As per Vethathiri maharishi, yoga is not just the meditation alone. It is way of life that is oriented towards inner peace. Only when a man attains to the state of peacefulness, would he be able to retain his center-of-gravity within himself and work for the fulfillment of his purpose in life. In this process, he would be utmost service to those around him and to the society at large.

All of you might have been practicing yoga for different length of time. You would have certainly observed some noticeable changes in your life. How easy it is for you to consistently hold on to the progress and success out of this? some of you could have benefited a great deal. For others, it might still be a struggle, because of the simple reason that winning the battle between habit and wisdom. The former has been asserting itself and maintaining the upper hand. In case of most people habit might be more dominating than wisdom, because it has the backing of the hereditary link and has entrenched itself long before the dawn of wisdom, which is a late-comer on the scene.

It is the inherent nature of habit to take the consciousness to work under our five senses. Enlightenment comes but gradually, when the imprints of experience increase in the function of the sixth sense. By this, man makes a beginning towards balancing the imprints of habits. The imprints of experience make man to understand that spiritual life comes from the mind. An it marks the turning point in the field of man after thousand of generations through the hereditary link.

The sixth sense is Nature’s unique gift to man, of all living beings. The experiences of one generation are passed on to the next through the hereditary link but man does not remember his previous birth. Why? Because the sensual activities restrict every perception of feeling up to the body only. The wisdom that was developed in the spiritual link is also hidden because those brain cells have been replaced by new ones. In the new brain cells, new imprints and experiences are getting first attention. The experiences are cumulative from generation to generation, but man thinks he is not at all willing to accept that he is but the product or continuity of his parents.

When a man takes birth, he inherits all the aspects of life including the imprints of qualities. While living, he produces children as Xerox – copies, edition after edition. Evolutionally speaking there is no such thing as generation-gap. All experiences and imprints are handed down to next generation. Some of them happen to be submerged or hidden-that is all.

Imprints – Karmas – cannot be cleared unless man takes up the spiritual path and does Yoga. If by the success of Yoga which includes introspection and sublimation, man clears the imprints, then at the time of death, he would be very peaceful. In such circumstances, his soul bear only the imprints and experiences of enlightenment. After the person’s death, the soul's practices are floating as an energy-packet and stay in the field so that they can be drawn to living beings, who have developed a longing for spiritual knowledge. These living people attract all the benefits and knowledge from the disembodied soul. In this way,  the liberated souls are guiding, enlightening and giving liberation to millions of souls on the Earth.

By the same token, a violent soul will add to the troubles, worries and mental agony of living people. One thing we need to learn from this study; We have to be ever watchful that our Karmas are such character as to improve our personality. Good Karmas help to erase the imprints of adverse habits and enable one to lead a better life, a more enlightened life. At the same time, the good imprints are passed on to the younger ones, to enrich the lives of future generations. If this principle is understood and man ever strives to improve the quality of his thoughts and actions, generation after generations, won't you be able to visualize what would be the glory of man in the decades and centuries to come?

You dig the ground for water and the water you get from your well is conditioned in chemical qualities by the ecological principle of the earth in that particular spot. It is the same case with every achievement of yours. One’s life-partner, one’s child, one friend and one’s mater --- all are the outcome of one’s Karmas, both inherited and added after birth.

The spiritual life starts for any man in this manner according to his previous Karmas and his own effort. Opportunities for development occur according to this pattern, the right type of person comes as Guru and at the appropriate moment in the birth-chain one is liberated from all ignorance and bindings. It is a straight journey and there after there need be no stagnation.


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