Kundalini Energy Balance
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Kundalini Energy Balance - Tamil

Language: Tamil

Instructors: Global Trainers/Professionals

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Complete Wellness Science of Unified Living

 Post Corona there is a global transformation, the focus on physical and mental fitness was cognized, the World slowed down and realized the importance of Self-care, family care and relationships. SKY Yoga revolutionary science translated into a daily practice of holistic living, unifying the Mind, Body & Life force.


Kundalini Energy is the potent energy that is inherent in our body. It is important to balance this energy, awaken it safely and utilize for our success, wellness, manifestations and elevating our consciousness.

SKY Meditations consists of 9 powerful meditations that harness the profound tranquility, guiding you on a transformative journey toward inner peace and self-discovery

Simplified Kundalini Yoga - Unleashing and Balancing your Kundalini Energy

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Experience the surge of life force, channeling it through your chakras, fostering a harmonious flow of vitality throughout your being.

SKY practices clear the path of the Kundalini energy, providing a sacred gateway to self-realization and heightened consciousness.

SKY Meditations lies the potent practice of Kundalini Meditation, a dynamic and sacred technique that awakens the dormant energy within you. 

Simplified Kundalini Yoga has been designed by Yogiraj Vethathiri Maharishi after years of research through a synthesis of many existing systems and on the basis of his own expertise in the field of medicine.

SKY kundalini energy balance techniques

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  • Clearing the pathway for the flow of Energy
  • Activating the Chakras safely
  • Regulating the magnetic energy
  • Clears away stagnant energy
  • Releasing physical and emotional blockages
  • Revitalizing surge of life force
  • Allows Kundalini energy to rise effortlessly
  • Balances the Energy Flow
backpain solution
backpain solution
backpain solution
backpain solution

Yoga for All Ailments

 12 classes @ INR 2000

  • 12 unique – 90 minutes zoom session
  • Live discussions with Senior Kundalini & Yoga Trainers
  • Free access to SKY Yoga app
  • Free Kundalini Mediation
  • Customizable class schedule with 2 slots
  • Touch Initiation of raising the Kundalini @ SKY Centre included
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SKY YOGA available to you at your fingertips.



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