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Womens Wellness 360 (Tamil)

Your special wellness Program is here for you to view. We will load the videos on a daily basis for you to enjoy the experience. 

Language: Tamil

Instructors: Global Trainers/Professionals

Validity Period: 30 days

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 Women are Nature's special Gift - VETHATHIRI MAHARISHI

For every Women who is special and exquisite, let us take care of your holistic health. Not just body, mind, and life-force but also your financial goals, manifest your dream and achieve success in all dimensions of life.

This program is a complete journey

To the most authentic self, helping you in various quint- essential facets of life.

Available on Tamil & English

women experts from around the globe

Dr. J. Thavamani

Gynecologist, Samnan Medical Centre, Shariah, U.A.E

Dr. S. Shanthi

Siddha Doctor, Temple of Consciousness, Aliyar

Ms. Sadhana

Ayurvedic Student, California College of Ayurveda, USA


  • Free access to SKY Yoga app
  • Free Kundalini Mediation
  • Customizable class schedule with 2 slots
  • Touch Initiation of raising the Kundalini @ SKY Centre included
  • Global Doctors specialized in Women's health
  • Learn @ your pace
  • Customized Exercises
  • Industry experts

SKY YOGA available to you at your fingertips.



Course Curriculum

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