Dr Rajasekaran

Dr. V. M. Rajasekaran

Siddha Medical Officer & Director,
Temple of Consciousness, Aliyar.

Dr. Rajasekaran, Siddha Medical Officer & Director, WCSC– VISION R&D, is an experienced Siddha medicine practitioner with over 22 years of experience.

He graduated in Siddha medicines and currently pursuing Ph D. in Yoga for Human Excellence. He has participated in various National and International conferences and seminars on Siddha medicine system and has also contributed with various research papers presented on this subject.

An ardent SKY Practitioner for over 17 years practicing Vethathiri Maharishi's SKY practices.

His mantra and aim in life is to spread the science and healings of ancient Siddha medicine to the World.

His patients find him extremely friendly , compassionate and empathetic.

" Vethathirium is an integrated approach to wellness gifted to us by Shri Vethathiri Maharishi. He has unraveled the secrets of Nature and the strong link between Body, Mind and Life Force. Siddha medicines foundation is based on the elements in Nature which uproots the root of ailments by addressing the core of it"

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