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“VETHATHIRI Maharishi enlightened thousands and thousands of people with the light of consciousness.

I like the concept of VETHATHIRI MAHARISHI who speaks like an expert scientist in Physics. I have always mentioned his concept to the students in English while conversing with them. He says - " The energy particles and their collective functions reach various stages. They combined together to transform into shape, sound, light, smell and taste”. If we have morality in mind, our character will be like a fire. This morality is what is taught by WCSC which should be spread all over.”

actor santhanam


South Indian Actor

“I do SKY Physical exercises and Thuriyatheeth meditation regularly. It is my routine. And while shooting intervals, whenever I get time, I do Shanthi meditation. These meditations and exercises keep me brisk and afresh. Whenever I suffered failures in life, I comeback or bounced back only because of the philosophical guidance given by Vethathiri Maharishi. The meditation techniques saved me from getting into depression and helped me build my confidence”


Swami Gautamananda,

President, Sri Ramakrishna Math

“The aim of WCSC is to accomplish family peace through individual peace and reach out to World Peace. Having realized the value and importance of their system of Yoga for Holistic Health, many reputed universities have collaboration with them for conducting diploma and degree courses in the field of yoga. By this WCSC is creating a healthy society with sound body, mind and Life-force. In this Yoga for Holistic Health, the practices formulated are offered to all people without any discrimination.”

Dr. B. M. Hegde

Padma Vibhushan Awardee

“Switzerland is nothing, If our Government really puts those photographs of Aliyar all the tourists will come to Aliyar rather than Switzerland . The nice campus and a beautiful setup, & nice food also we had. Actually, wonderful time we had this morning. I have seen some of best places in the world.Look at the mountains at the back with the rock and behind. Aliyar should be exploited more for the benefit of whole mankind in India. And what is Yoga? You must think about that. Yoga is not just about lowering the Blood Pressure or Lowering or changing the ECG Pattern, Yoga is Making the man Better.”


Padma Shri Awardee

Held many positions like - Director General of National Human Rights Commission, Director of Central Bureau of Investigation, Director of Central Reserve Police
“WCSC is established for the noble cause of accomplishing family peace through individual peace and henceforth to attain world peace. Vethathiri Maharishi has succeeded in imparting great truths and philosophy in simplest language – and that too after personally experimenting all his teachings and methods and experiencing the immense benefit of both physical and mental exercises on himself.”

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