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The Research and Development Wing of WCSC, harnesses the power of the human intelligence to build a transformational society. It creates a unique symphony of Science and Vethathirium.

The projects and research undertaken are oriented towards World transforming Vethathirian Principles.

Adopting a different approach, it aims to create innovative revolution using India’s rich Ancient Knowledge to suit the current times and to make our Universe a Global Peace land.


Department of Science and Technology

Ministry of AYUSH


Defense Research and Development (DRDO)

The National Institute of Mental Health and Neuro Sciences (NIMHANS)

Tamil Nadu Agricultural University (TNAU)

AMITY University, Delhi

Indira Gandhi Centre for Atomic Research, Kalpakkam

Some of the Significant Projects

Benefits of Positive Thoughts - Effect of Thought transaction on ‘Okra’ yield

    Vethathiri Maharishi has given us in detail scientific, logical, practical usages and benefits of Positive Thought patterns

Wave Theory

A scientific concept of the impact of thoughts, words and actions, through clash, reflection, refraction, penetration and interaction. This is explained in depth and Project Okra, a project on Okra Agri Plants has successfully proven the interlink between Positive Waves and Yield.

sky research

Vethathiri Maharishi College of Yoga

Vethathiri Maharishi College of Yoga, has been started in 2017 to fulfil Vethathiri Maharishi’s vision for creating a cultural transformation. This college is equipped with world class facilities and faculties. It adheres to international standards of teachings .

Vethathiri Maharishi College of Yoga, one of the pioneering Institutes providing International standards of Yoga education, was started in 2017 with a vision to empower the youth, by nurturing & instilling the morals of brotherhood and to volunteer to become Ambassadors of World peace imparting SKY practices and providing quality education


  • To empower the youth to shape her/ him to the best.
  • To cause every individual to realize she / he is a component of the World Humanity
  • To provide holistic approach for World Peace

vethathiri college
vethathiri maharishi college students

Yoga College Admissions Open

B.Sc.,/M.Sc.,/P.G Diploma - Yoga for Human Excellence

(+91) 7200 97 1372

+91 99520 12257


(Vethathiri Maharishi Institute for Spiritual and Intuitional Education)

WCSC has experience of Yoga Education for more than 60 years. VISION for Wisdom is South India’s leading Yoga and Spiritual Education Institute imparting education from upto PhD. Levels.

This Directorate has assisted more than 200,000 students since year 2012.

wcsc - vision

Apart from above, it has been instrumental in assisting in implementing the Tamil Nadu State Government in implementing various schemes linked students and teachers training in Yoga and Physical Exercises


  • Imparting SKY Yoga on Educational platform, across the Globe
  • Integrating the therapeutic traditions with drugs and without drugs, focusing more on Siddha, Ayurveda, Homeopathy, Naturopathy and Yoga Disciplines, that are part of the rich tradition of our Nation which are recognized and gradually adopted world over
  • To identify the existing authoritative manuals on above disciplines and to provide an intellectual foundation for further research
  • To provide technical personnel with training in drug less therapy
  • To identify the physiological, psychological, and social problems of individuals and understanding the need to reduce the intensity of those problems
  • Finding out logical solutions through promotion of skill transfer among youth, women and working groups; training in skill development with able body, stable mind, and rational thinking; and conducting research for promotion of innovative ideas and new skills, suitable to the changing lifestyles
Masters Training -SMART

(Selection of Masters and Training)

sky yoga professors

In order to bring about peaceful revolution throughout the world, it is necessary to have well trained Volunteers in great numbers. This is achieved through rigorous Master Training Programs by the Directorate of SMART. More than 15000 Masters at various levels are serving the society across the world selflessly. 

Women form a significant portion (over 70%) of the teachers trained every year by SMART


Teachers are the sculptors of the Future Generation. The impact and influence that a Single teacher has over waves of students is significant in character building of the student and has a long term impact.

School teachers, Head Masters and other training professionals are trained with SKY practices to include Yoga and other ancient practices to the present generation

SMART (Selection of Masters and Training) has intensive, exclusive and tailor made trainings to gift the society quality teachers who impart holistic teachings of WCSC’s vision is to make every teacher an Ambassador of Peace, who is equipped to spread Vethathirium around the Globe.


Children are complete but unexpressed personalities. They are the seeds within which the whole is contained in a potential form.

Today's Children

Peer Pressure Digital pollution

Competitive environment the too much intellectual activity

Abundant information and influencers

Overcrowded classroom Cramped in their books


SKY practices assists in shaping the human personality from the early years of life. A child who is fortunate enough to receive this type of training will have many advantages over his or her fellow students who have received the purely intellectual education prevalent today.

A human personality cannot be well groomed if development occurs separately in the above spheres. The most important of these spheres are the physiological and emotional aspects, and education should begin from there.


Village Service Project

Mass transformation @ Grassroots

VSP is one of the crown projects which reflect the vision and ideology of WCSC founder Shri Vethathiri Maharishi.

The objective of the VSP program is to bring about sustainable social development in rural areas by promoting spiritual education through SKY, preventive health care, rural sanitation, empowering women, enhancing vocational skills for rural children, conducting counselling sessions for rural people, conducting alcohol/drugs deaddiction camps resulting in good health, stable mental health and overall personal development of the villagers.

VSP Vision- Multi Thematic Focus



Join the Universal Cultural Revolution and be a part of World Peace with the millions of Global SKY Family!

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