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Only when the life energy takes its centre either at Agna Chakra or Sahasrara or Brahmarandhra at the top of the head, its subtle movement can be felt in any of these two centers. After the life energy is raised up, the mind should be focussed observing the subtle movement of a feeble vibration of the life energy. With constant awareness, when the mind is focused and merged into the life energy, which is its origin, then meditation happens. All other experiences are just efforts towards meditation and not actual meditation.

There is no absence of mind nor there is any shape or character for the mind. It functions even during meditation, but it slows down in the inward travel seeking its origin. The fruit of meditation is Wisdom and its final goal is Self-Realisation and being one with almighty, which is also called samadhi.

Vethathiri Maharishi says cessation of the functions of the mind is not meditation, as is being thought by many. Such a state can be achieved by drinking alcohol or taking some drugs. However, such practice will damage the brain cells. Other methods of meditation such as observing sound, light or form within or outside is only concentration or focus, but cannot be called or equated to meditation.

In earlier days to lift the life energy from one chakra to another from Muladar to Agna, force was given to the life energy through hard pranayama techniques which proved to be a strenuous and time wasting method, also giving rise to some harmful side effects. Such a practice will not be suitable for modern times. Once the mind is cleared from wandering thoughts, third eye will open.

A master who is well versed in kundalini meditation can raise the life energy of a practitioner within minutes through touch method and help them fix their focus on it at Agna Chakra. Again after the practitioner gets the feel of life energy at agna chakra, the focus is shifted back to mooladhara so as to avoid any side effects to the uprising of kundalini. 

Once, the practitioner adequately gets the feel of life energy at mooladhara, again the master lifts the energy to agna and from there to crown chakra or dhuriya and spreads the same all over the head. At this stage the practitioner feels wave like movement of life energy all over the brain which activates all the dormant cells in brain and thus improves creativity, perspicacity and adaptability to a great extent.

If the controlling power is not with a master, he should not raise up the energy of others. This is to be taken as a warning. In all spiritual units of our World Community Service Centre, this energy meditation is taught under the name of Kundalini Yoga or cosmic conscious meditation. A systematic method in teaching this meditation is followed to help the spiritual aspirants.

Meditation is not only for spiritual development. It increases the capabilities of man and develops the power of creativity, adaptability and perspicacity, which helps a lot in his profession, whatever be it. Meditation is a boon to people in all walks of life such as students, teachers, scientists, artists, industrialists, doctors, businessmen and administrative officers to develop their abilities and enjoy a successful and happy long life. It helps one’s capacity to accept any situation and move forward towards achieving ones goal in life.

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