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The VSP Project of The World Community Service Centre has unfolded promising mass transformations in villages through our empowering Village services. Under the uplifting guidance and leadership of WCSC-President Padmashri SKM. Maeilanandhan, we have gratifyingly transformed over 199 villages and are up surging towards the 200th Village.

“The village is the cell of the nation, and the cell-life must be healthy and developed for the nation to be healthy and developed”. WCSC’s VSP is contributing towards Nations growth and development by making change at the grassroots of the country.

75,000 lives transformed

Successful event with over 2500 people attending the 200th Village event inaguration



Gather together to garner strength for World Peace.

Let us accelerate and accentuate World peace as envisioned by Vethathiri Maharishi