3 Parenting Tips for Understanding Your Children

3 tips for Better Parenting

Are we born with parenting skills? Is there a right or wrong way in raising your child. Is there a perfect formula for it? As parents are we doing the right thing for a child?

While all these questions haunt parents and they have sleepless night over this. There is is no simple answer to these questions.

Vethathiri Maharishi, through his Simplified Kundalini Yoga( SKY) techniques has given some simple and practical tips to taking care of oneself and staying in balance within which will automatically give answers and train us to nurture our child.

Parenting is a skill that we cultivate over time, we learn as we make mistakes, from self-experience and others.

At different stages of our child’s growth we need to change our style and method of parenting too. We hone this skill with every passing day.

Is there a simple formula for parenting?

Here are 3 simple tips to handle the tantrums of your child, to guide your child and to manage the child’s expectations?

Tip 1

Acceptance - Vethathiri Maharishi says that our child is our Blueprint, our reflection, a part of us and our genetics. Once we accept this fact and keep reiterating this to ourselves we will handle every situation with patience and not get irritated or angry.

Tip 2

Don’t lose peace – Easier said than done, isn’t it ! But through some powerful practices we can attain this state where we are not bothered about the happenings or the reactions of the child but how we are responding to it. Meditation helps in this keeping our mind frequency at an ideal level for us to deal with the situation without losing our peace.

Tip 3

Blessing – Vethathiri Maharishi’s concept of Blessing is one of the potent tool for transforming any toxic or uncomfortable situation into an amicable one. By blessing your child constantly you are sending positive vibrations that help reflect and refract. Blessing of SKY Yoga is scientifically proven and there millions have shared their experiences.

Understanding the energy within you , the Kundalini Energy, to learn how to elevate and use that powerhouse will empower us to deal with any situation in life with ease and calmness.

Parenting is a journey, a journey where we learn every moment and every day. At time we teach our child and most of the time the child is teaching us. As long as we are willing to learn and adopt every day is a joy and bliss with our child. To watch it grown into a beautiful person will be one of our biggest accomplishment.

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