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Continuation of part1........ We have to be compassionate and calm because as per the principles of Cause and Effect, the imprints born of our evil deeds have to be wiped off through pain and misery. Nature brings two individuals together, where the deeds of one produces pain that eradicates some of...

The Gene of the Parents

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The World Peace Envisioned by Shri. Vethathiri Maharishi has started taking deep roots and gets magnifying-refractions with these tender souls blooming to spread the philosophical message of our Guru throughout the world. Vethathiriya saplings is a noble attempt to nourish the budding kids who are a...


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“The search was frantic, and all efforts were in vain. He searched everywhere but was unable to find the Pen. Every nook and corner was explored by the young man; it was getting late to office, he left home. However, after reaching his office, his mind was calm, and he recollected the fact that he h...

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